How Can Dave Help?

Keynotes & Workshops

I believe that Keynotes and Workshops are very personal and must be tailored to each audience. My process is always to speak directly with the individual and team organizing the event to make sure that I’m a fit for them and that I feel that I can provide the message they are looking for based on their needs and goals.

To get an idea of how I am in front of an audience, watch my TEDx Talk here:

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Coaching is an interesting subject, especially now when many people say that it seems that everyone wants to be a life coach. I have my own opinions and philosophies on this; I’ll keep it short and boil it down to 2 things to think about:

  1. A good coach is a good coach. They don’t need to have been the best at whatever it is they are coaching on; they just need to be good at coaching someone else to be their best. One of my strengths has always been to relate to others and be able give appropriate advice for their situation. I am a good coach and I love coaching individuals and teams to get clarity on who they are, where they are, where they want to go and why, and how to get them there.
  2. Everyone has had coaches in several forms for their whole lives. Everyone can benefit from having a coach and even coaches have coaches, including me. The best of the best and the most successful people in any industry or category has coaches. Hiring a coach that is right for you is one of the best investments you can make in the development of yourself or your business.

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Corporate Core Values Assessment & Design

What are your company’s Core Values?

If your answer is “I don’t know”, “I don’t remember”, “I know we have some but don’t know what they are” or “We don’t have them” then your company needs help at its core. 

I was one of about 20 people who were involved at a high level in an 18 month process of discovering the Core Values of a national franchise. 

Since then, I’ve studied the process and helped 2 sales organizations discover their Core Values. It’s a daunting, yet exciting and empowering process that builds a foundation of Self Awareness for your company that shapes everything that comes next.

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Customer Retention Consultation

Customer Service is a clichéd, outdated phrase that means very little when a company is aiming to differentiate itself in the marketplace. 

After 12 years as an employee in several service industry companies and after 20 years as a business owner in several industries, I’ve seen a lot when it comes to the relationships between those behind-the-counter and those in-front-of-the-counter. 

I’m grateful for the many examples of both terrible and amazing relationships and attitudes between customers and those who serve them because it has helped me to become an expert in the matter. I’ve studied, trained and lived in the service industry for most of my working life. I’ve contributed to training methods in a national franchise and consulted with many people to help introduce something more than just ‘customer service’ to their businesses. 

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